How to Write a Thesis Statement for a Research Paper

A thesis statement is a strong statement in proving what you claim with evidence. It’s not just a statement of fact but it must need to be a product of own critical thinking after you is finished in researching. Always remember that thesis statement is the main idea of your research paper.

How to Write a Thesis Statement for a Research Paper

One of the things on how to write a research paper thesis statement is that you can only begin when you are done making some actual research about your topic. It is important that you present it in the introduction, prove it in the body of your research paper with evidence and restate it in the summary of your conclusion.

  • For you not to have a hard time on how do you write a thesis statement for a research paper, you need to look at the information of your research paper. If possible, you need to make notes so that you will not forget about it.

  • Deciding also on what statement you will have is necessary. You need to have enough evidence in proving it so that people would be satisfied. It is important that you have done enough research in making a strong argument.

  • After it, you can write it as your thesis statement.

Examples of Thesis Statement for Research Paper

  1. At least 25% of federal budget must need to spend in limiting pollution.
  2. America’s anti pollution efforts must need to focus only on privately owned cars.
  3. Using drugs is detrimental to society.
  4. In the world today, global warming is one of the most faced problems.

It is somewhat to construct a thesis statement for research paper at first because you need to know what you need to do but when you have a guide, you no longer need to worry. What you need to consider is the main topic or idea of your research paper so that you able to have a good thesis statement for a research paper that is striking. It must not only a fact but it should be an opinion that will convince people.

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