How to Write a Thesis Statement for an Argumentative Research Paper

Thesis statement for argumentative research paper states your side of your argument as well as the reasons you are holding that position. In a thesis statement, it must need to fulfill certain tasks that include clarifying narrow topic, having an objective and academic tone. In addition, it also needs to have qualifying major ideas and major elements. It is essential that thesis statement must need to be concise, well worded and focused. If you need some help you can check thesis statement generator for research paper.

How to Write a Thesis Statement for an Argumentative Research Paper

  • Clear: If your readers cannot understand your thesis statement, they will not continue to read it. A clear statement must not leave any question on readers’ minds about what you want to tell to them.

  • Specific: You need to ensure that your thesis statement does not contain vague words like things and good. Adding those words is not effective in getting to your point. If you have a specific statement, it is clear to get the main idea and allowing the reader to continue reading your research paper.

  • Simple to support: If you presented your thesis vaguely or unclearly, it is difficult to back it up. With this, you need to explain in detail every step to support your central point of your research paper.

In addition, there are things you should know about thesis statement for research papers. It is important that you consider it when you are writing your thesis statement so that you able to present wonderful output to readers.

  • Logical and reasonable: If you want your readers to read your paper, your thesis statement must need to be logical and reasonable. Always, a reasonable claim will support your research paper.

  • Controversial: For argumentative research paper, it is important that you have a thesis statement that is controversial. You need to convince the reader that your main point is valid.

  • Provable: In order for your thesis statement to be effective, you need to prove it with validity through logical evidence and supporting arguments.

Examples of Thesis Statement Argumentative

  • Health Care Reform Act threatens civil liberties.

  • Laws surrounding legalized physician do not go far enough when it comes to protecting them from prosecution

  • There are lots of kinds of dogs

  • Shakespeare was the world’s greatest playwright

Having a wonderful thesis statement is important for a research paper that is why when you need to have your own that is effective, follow the presented tips above.