Writing a Good Thesis Statement for a Research Paper

Writing a Good Thesis Statement for a Research Paper

A good thesis statement for research paper is one of the things that are hard to do. People must need to think wisely and think carefully what the best statement they can present to their panelist or to their professor in order for their research paper to be approved is.

Writing a Thesis Statement for a Research Paper

  • Be excited about the topic: No matter what you want to write, you need to be excited writing about it. If you are excited and interested with it, you can able to make a wonderful paper. This is your opportunity to present a creative paper.

  • Strong opinion: With great thesis statement, it is required that you develop strong opinions in order to attract or get the attention of your readers. If you are not sure on what you will present, you need to refresh your mind and think again.

  • Exciting adjectives: If you want to spice up your thesis, you need to add exciting adjectives that will really describe your topic. Adjectives such as tyrannical, blood thirsty and oppressive that are powerful since it portray strong points in viewing someone or something.

  • One main idea: In your thesis statement, you need to be focused and to have one main idea. You need to make sure that your paper does not have any other directions. You should be focused on one main theme only in keeping your paper to be organized.

  • Be specific: A generic statement will weaken your research paper that is why you need to be specific with information especially about your argument. You need to stay with the things you are talking about or present specific examples.

Interesting thesis statements: It is also important when you keep interesting thesis statement so that you have a guide whenever you do not know what you need to do.

Examples of Thesis Statements

  1. Electric cars provide an alternative to gasoline fueled cars.

  2. There must be an absolute ban for smoking in public because non-smokers or secondhand smoke health will be endangered.

  3. Same sex marriage should be allowed because the two people have fundamental rights and they are citizens of the country.

  4. Smoking kills.

There you have the writing tips as well as the samples you need to know.

Get started today in making good thesis statement for research paper!